Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Makeup revolution concealer palette review


So if you saw my last post you will see that I have been using this palette to do my highlighting. This palette is available at super drug and on the Makeup Revolution website, and it retails for just £6!  This is the only think i really use it for if i am honest. When it comes to concealing i think this palette, and there other concealer products are all pretty rubbish for using it as their designated use.

However, all hope is not lost, i love using this palette to highlight, the first shade is super light even on my pale skin and is perfect for adding some light and dimension to your face. They blend so well and don't leave you looking like you have 10 layers of product on your face, i love blending out the product with my beauty blender.

Overall i wouldn't buy this to conceal under your eyes when there are better things on the market at the same or lower price. (e.g. everyones holy grail collection lasting perfection). Maybe if you don't need such a heavy coverage then this would be the product for you. However if you are looking for a palette where you can mix a few shades for your perfect highlight shade then i would fully recommend. For my this isn't something i feel i must repurchase this straight away if i run out because i am paying all that money for just one of the products in it.

Love Jen xx

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