Monday, 13 April 2015

Small Haul from Hema


So when I was over in Amsterdam at the beginning of April i stumbled upon a make-up shop dedicated to just one brand, which is very rare so see in England. The brand was Hema which is a dutch make-up brand with drugstore prices. I could have been in there all day but i went with a very reluctant boyfriend who is always fed up that i am always looking at make-up.

So I did end up buying a few things means they were so reasonably priced. The first thing i brought were three of there make-up brushes. These were all from there white handled collection which i think is there better quality one, they were also more expensive.

The top brush is there contour brush, which cost 4 euros and is so so soft and I love it. 
The middle brush is there duo ended eyeshadow brush, with one side for packing on colour and one to smudge things out. The bottom brush is the duo ended smokey eyeshadow brush, there is a small pencil side and then and angled side, both cost 3 euros 50. They were all a bargain and all work wonders. 

Then i only brought two make-up items i could have brought more and i really regret not doing that. 

Make-up wise i brought a clear brow jel, which i think cost about 3 euros but i am not sure. It is quite nice, and does the job of keeping my eyebrows in place. Then i brought a lipliner because i am really getting into them lately. I think the lip liner is in the colour 21, and on the lips it looks a bright pink/coral colour. Don't worry i will feature it in a face of the day on my blog soon. 

Overall i am happy with what i got, my biggest regret is just not buying more means that it was all such a good price. 

Jen xx 

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