Monday, 18 May 2015

Quick Uni Break!

Hi guys,
So I feel like just as I was really starting to get into blogging and put up some posts I am really proud off I disappeared. But the thing is being a university student I can't dedicate all my time to my blog. I love blogging it allows me to be creative and talk about all things make-up which most people in my everyday life don't want to hear me ramble about.

But on the other hand I am paying a lot to get a degree so I need to revise for my exams, so since easter I have kind of non stop been revising or taking netflix breaks haha! I finish my exams on the 20th of May and then will be able to dedicate so much more time over the summer holidays to my blog, which i am so excited about.

I have a ton of post ideas which I want to get up, and I have three months to ramble away and do so. My goal is upload at least one post a week but i would love to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I am not making any promises.

I will speak to you soon,
Jen xx