Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Review: MUA Brow Define

Hiya :)

So as i was perusing in super drug about a week ago I came across this on the MUA stand, it's nice to see the more affordable brands branching out into the eyebrow department. I am not one to spend much on my every brows as they are think and don't need much filling in. However I am always willing to try drugstore products.

The MUA Brow define is a tinted gel, so the same sort of product as the Benefit Gimme Brow (which I have no tried so am unable to compare). However there is a massive difference in price the MUA one retails for just £2 making that a £15 price gap. I got mine in the colour Dark Brown the darkest shade, however this is nearly Black, but having dark brown and purple hair i can get away with out it. I don't know if al the colour come out darker than described.

The wand appears to be larger than the benefit one (again i have not tried this is merely and observation). The wand is just smaller than that of a travel mascara meaning that it can be a bit messy and hard to get a precise application.

The product leave your eyebrows soft and not solid like a brow mascara might so this is not a setting product the colour can also move when dry however this is when they are pressure is applied, a slight knock would't move the product.

Overall I enjoy using this product and will continue to use it on days where I wish to have a slightly darker brow. I would purchase again however next time i might try the lighter shade.

Jen xoxo

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