Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Review: Beauty UK Ultimate contour palette

Hi guys.

Today i am going to be reviewing the Beauty UK contour palette. I first saw this mentioned by Mikhila over on her MissBudgetBeauty channel. As soon as she mentioned it i knew it was something i wanted to try. So a few days later i went to super drug and picked this up. It was the last one in store so i made sure i snapped it up. I think that it is a really good price, costing only £4.99, but in there you get a contour a bronzer and a highlight shade.

The palette is made up of all cream products meaning that they are easily bendable. My biggest criticism for this is the colour range. They only have one palette which i presume they are marketing this as a universal product to suit everyone. However, i swatched the bronzer which is way to orange on my skin tone, and the highlighter just blends into my skin and is pretty much the same colour because i am so pale.

The one thing that keeps me loving this palette is the contour shade. I love it and think it gives a beautiful cream finish. The product blends so well meaning there are no harsh lines. Personally i would pay the full price for just the contour shade on it's own. I have been using the contour shade everyday that i use my make-up and think that it is becoming a staple in my make-up routine. Also the product is going to last a long time, as a little goes a long way.

The one thing that i think makes this cream kit stand out from both high end and drugstore cream contour kits it that it gives you a guide on the back if you are a complete beginner to contouring your face.

Overall, my thoughts on this product are that I love the contour shade however i could live without the other two shades and by the contour as it's own colour/product. Saying that i would still recommend this product to people because is it still good value from a cream contour shade.

Jen xx

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