Friday, 13 February 2015

Night time skincare routine.

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So being a university student my skincare has become more important to me than ever, drinking more and not always eating the best means that my skin needs a bit of extra help keeping in good condition. My skincare routine takes about five to 10 minutes before bed but can be a saviour to the skin. I know i am not perfect and don't do it every night e.g. 4am when you come home drunk from a night out, however i do it most nights to help my skin.

Step One)
I take my Bioderma on some cotton wool pads and remove any make-up I have had on my face that day. I prefer this to remove my make-up to wipes because I have sensitive skin and find this doesn't feel so rough on my skin. This is a cult beauty product that receives a lot of hype, and whilst i do live it, i think there are some cheaper alternatives that are more readily available in the UK that do the same thing. e.g. the L'Oreal micelar water.

Step Two) 
I then take my clean and clear morning energy face scrub and focus this on my T zone the places where i get most oily and also on the occasional breakout that might surface on my check. One i have scrubbed my skin i just rinse it off and towel dry my face. I know people may do this after cleansing but i just like to do this step first to get it out of the way with. 

Step Three) 
Next up is the Liz Earle cleanse and polish like the bioderma this is a cult skincare product around the beauty blogger and youtube community and to me this is really worth the hype. I have tried other cream cleansers such as the simple one but had such a bad reaction that i don't mind spending a little more on this one. I take 2 pumps (recommended one) and rub this in all over my face and take my ring finger and gently rub it on my eyes and massage my lash line to remove and last bit of make-up. 

Step four) 
Following the cleanse it is time to tone, currently i am using that last of my Caudalie beauty elixir which i think is a lovely product, however i love the lush tea tree toner just at much, but that is at home whilst i am here at university. I spray this on the a cotton pad and then while down my T zone to help clean out those pores. 

Step five)
It's time to moisturise. My everyday moisturiser is the Embrayollise Lait Creme Concentrate. This is a very pricey product in my opinion and i do find it hard to part with my money over the till. However i love this product, a little goes a long way meaning that this tub can last you a while. I also think the metal like tube it comes in makes it seems more cooling on the skin which i love. I just use a pea size amount and massage this into my face. 

However, 2 days of the week i switch it up and use a moisturising face mask in the winter to really help heal my dry skin. The one I have been using recently is the Superdrug Vitamin E moisture mask. I use a double pea sized amount and massage this in all over my face and allow for it to soak in. After 10 minutes i then tissue off the remainder of what is on my face. 

Last Step) 
My last step is to look after my poor lips. I have dry lips all day everyday, and the winter weather makes them even worse if that is possible. My holy grail lip balm is the blister lip conditioner. Unlike other lip balms i feel like this one really tackles the problem rather than just creating a smooth protective layer on top of the lips, leaving your lips softer and moisturised for longer. 

So there you have it my winter skincare routine. 

Jen xo

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