Wednesday, 9 December 2015

It's been a while...

Hello you lovely lot! 

So the last post I wrote feels like forever ago, I mean it was over half a year. I told you all last time that I was having a break whilst i had exams and then i was coming back, but I feel like I have not stopped since then. 

I worked so many hours over the summer break to give me spending money for when I was on holiday and just give me money for three months. I went on holiday and then before I knew it I was back at uni for my second year. 

Well I am coming back now, I can not believe to tell you how much I have missed blogging. I have a fair few idea's of new posts and content to share with you all, I hope you will all stick around. 

love Jen x 

Monday, 18 May 2015

Quick Uni Break!

Hi guys,
So I feel like just as I was really starting to get into blogging and put up some posts I am really proud off I disappeared. But the thing is being a university student I can't dedicate all my time to my blog. I love blogging it allows me to be creative and talk about all things make-up which most people in my everyday life don't want to hear me ramble about.

But on the other hand I am paying a lot to get a degree so I need to revise for my exams, so since easter I have kind of non stop been revising or taking netflix breaks haha! I finish my exams on the 20th of May and then will be able to dedicate so much more time over the summer holidays to my blog, which i am so excited about.

I have a ton of post ideas which I want to get up, and I have three months to ramble away and do so. My goal is upload at least one post a week but i would love to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, but I am not making any promises.

I will speak to you soon,
Jen xx

Monday, 27 April 2015

Maybelline Colour Tattoo!

Hi guys! 

So the Colour tattoo's have been talked about by everyone when they first came out! The blogger community instantly fell in love with them, (well the majority). It is easy to see why! They are also a decent price point the are £4.99 but will last a long time because i little goes along way. However, you can always get these when there is a 3 for 2 in Boots or Superdrug meaning you can sometimes get one free. 

Permanent Taupe, Metallic Pomegranate, On and On Bronze & Pink Gold

I own four from the range and i am always looking for another one to add to my collection. They are beautiful, creamy and highly pigmented. The on and on bronze (bad to the bronze in the US) is the one i find is most talked about, this is the one for people who are in to the neutral colours. It is the one I have used the most, but my favourite it the Pomegranate colour which is just so beautiful. My least favourite is Permanent Taupe, which happens to be the only one i own without glitter, however it is a good base under a smokey eye but i do not like to wear that colour on it's own. 

Swatches same order as above. 

Overall, i love these on there own, for a simple everyday look. They are easy to just throw on and blend so well, you can use them with a brush but i tend to just apply and blend them with my finger. 

Jen xx 

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Spring has hit! Face FOTD

If you live in England, you will be aware of the warm weather which has come our way! Finally I can wear kimonos and jelly shoes!

But with the change in weather comes a change in everyones everyday make-up. The biggest change for me is no longer wearing dark bold lines but instead switching it out for nudes.

So here is today spring face to celebrate the warmer weather!

Foundation: Mac Face and Body 
Concealer: Collection Lasting Perfection 
Powder: Make-up forever HD setting powder 
Eyeshadow: Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and on Bronze 
Mascara: Rimmel Lash Accelerator 
Bronzer: Benefit Hoola
Blusher: Make-up revolution in Sugar 
Highligt: Make-up revolution in Peach Lights 
Lipliner: Rimmel Eastend Snob 

Jen xx

Monday, 13 April 2015

Small Haul from Hema


So when I was over in Amsterdam at the beginning of April i stumbled upon a make-up shop dedicated to just one brand, which is very rare so see in England. The brand was Hema which is a dutch make-up brand with drugstore prices. I could have been in there all day but i went with a very reluctant boyfriend who is always fed up that i am always looking at make-up.

So I did end up buying a few things means they were so reasonably priced. The first thing i brought were three of there make-up brushes. These were all from there white handled collection which i think is there better quality one, they were also more expensive.

The top brush is there contour brush, which cost 4 euros and is so so soft and I love it. 
The middle brush is there duo ended eyeshadow brush, with one side for packing on colour and one to smudge things out. The bottom brush is the duo ended smokey eyeshadow brush, there is a small pencil side and then and angled side, both cost 3 euros 50. They were all a bargain and all work wonders. 

Then i only brought two make-up items i could have brought more and i really regret not doing that. 

Make-up wise i brought a clear brow jel, which i think cost about 3 euros but i am not sure. It is quite nice, and does the job of keeping my eyebrows in place. Then i brought a lipliner because i am really getting into them lately. I think the lip liner is in the colour 21, and on the lips it looks a bright pink/coral colour. Don't worry i will feature it in a face of the day on my blog soon. 

Overall i am happy with what i got, my biggest regret is just not buying more means that it was all such a good price. 

Jen xx 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Makeup revolution concealer palette review


So if you saw my last post you will see that I have been using this palette to do my highlighting. This palette is available at super drug and on the Makeup Revolution website, and it retails for just £6!  This is the only think i really use it for if i am honest. When it comes to concealing i think this palette, and there other concealer products are all pretty rubbish for using it as their designated use.

However, all hope is not lost, i love using this palette to highlight, the first shade is super light even on my pale skin and is perfect for adding some light and dimension to your face. They blend so well and don't leave you looking like you have 10 layers of product on your face, i love blending out the product with my beauty blender.

Overall i wouldn't buy this to conceal under your eyes when there are better things on the market at the same or lower price. (e.g. everyones holy grail collection lasting perfection). Maybe if you don't need such a heavy coverage then this would be the product for you. However if you are looking for a palette where you can mix a few shades for your perfect highlight shade then i would fully recommend. For my this isn't something i feel i must repurchase this straight away if i run out because i am paying all that money for just one of the products in it.

Love Jen xx

Monday, 30 March 2015

Highlighting and Contouring Routine


Lately overtime i see a highlight and contour routine on both videos and blogposts i seem to see people only using high end products like the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette. I am yet to find someone else using a drugstore product that can be found easily in the UK.

I have found two products which i have been loving at the moment. The first one being the beauty UK contour palette (review here). In this I only use the contour shade. The other product I use is the Make-up Revolution concealer palette in light, I use the latest shade for my highlight and will have a full review for you next.

Once i have placed the products in the area's that i desire so the hollows of my cheeks, my nose, my forehead and cheek bones i then take a damp beauty blender and blend everything in.

Before (excuse the towel was getting ready for a night out :')  )

After (flash wasn't so bright but it's all blended promise)

Love Jen xx